Our Identity Discussed on Sept 21st

Study Questions


 Study from pages 21-26

a. What does identity as a man mean to you?   How important is it what people know about who you are?

 b.  Why do we constantly search for satisfaction? Where can we find real satisfaction and why does that seem so difficult?

c. When another man looks into your eyes, what do they see?

d.  Is there anything wrong with being an ordinary man serving God?

  e. How do we find our cause and how do we know what it is?

f. Companion…What does foxhole friendships mean to you?

 g. Why is the “new” infectious?

                  h.  Why are you doing what you are and why were you chosen for this role in this life?

Our Identity Continued from October 5th

Study Questions

 Study from pages 26-31

a. P 26 What tv shows portray the man as the leader and not the goofball?  How many can you think of that do and how many can you think of that the man is the goofball or weaker person?

b. P 26 Why do men have it so difficult

c. P 27 We can be fully the man God has created us to be. Who is that man and what does he look like?

d. P 27 Blaise Pascal Quote...Why is it so hard to expose sin?  What can happen if we do? What is at risk?

e. P 28 "by the devil" What can the devil do and what can he not do? Why is the phrase "the devil made me do it" not accurate?

f. P 29  Men pick up your phone and turn it to selfie mode.  Then ask the questions to yourself while you look in your selfie part of your camera.  These questions are found in first part of "Obituary Identity" section in book

g. P 30 Why do we put so much into our appearance? 

Completing Chapter 1: Identity From October 19th

Study Questions

Study from pages 31-38

a. P. 32-33  We read each role and discussed each one briefly...Added roles of husband and father to some of us

b. The question is what if one or some of these roles gets taken away?  Does that change who you are as a man in your identity with God?

c. P 34 look at the attributes from Galatians 5:22-23...Number each attribute from the easiest to have to hardest to have.  1 equals easy and 10 equals hardest.  We then compared these to each other and found we are different in many but similar in others.

d. P. 34 what is the opposite of these attributes?

e. P. 36 I invite you close your eyes and to have someone read the letter from God.  This letter is straight from God's word just without the references.

f. I typed out the "Declaration of Christian Manhood" and handed one out to each man there to take home and read to someone or all of his family.  Then sign it and have the witnesses to him declaring this in his life...sign as witnesses.  Suggested framing it and hanging it in an area of his home where he is tempted the most.

You can download the file below.


Download Declaration Of Christian Manhood PDF file to print

Identity Christian Manhood Declaration (pdf)